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The kitchen sink is in

Finally, after several weeks longer than expected, the units are starting to go in. But more importantly I now have a kitchen sink back. No more washing dishes in the bathroom!
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Slowly getting there

Finally I manage to get the plasterboarding finished last night. Next step will be to get the walls plastered, and get the units built and fitted.
Hope to have a working kitchen by Christmas!
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More photos

I have uploaded some new photos and added some comments. Just waiting for the replies…

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Slow Progress

Progress is slow in the kitchen. The builder has not been to look at the doorway. I’m chasing him to be here this week to let me know if it will be possible to raise the doorway or not.
In the meantime, I have started putting some plasterboard, which was not so straightforward as I’d hoped. I had to re-strap one of the walls and discoverd the wall has a bit of a bulge in it. So it took me while to get the straps fixed as best as possible. I have done about much as I can at the moment until I find out about the doorway.
Next task though will be to start building the units.
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Demolition day

Demolition day is over and I no longer have a kitchen! Everything went pretty much to plan except for a slight leaking problem from the radiator pipe. And the fact that some of us (me included) were suffering from the flu!

You’ll see from the photos that everything has been removed. So I’ll be getting sick of takeout after 2 weeks. Although I do have some good friends that will look after me. So I a big thank you to Kirstie for feeding us weary workers last night.  And thanks to Paul, Jim, Graham, Emma, Jim, Annmarie, Connor, Edmund, Rachel, Carole and of course Katie and Tegan for all  their help in demolishing my kitchen.

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The kitchen expands!

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